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What is “maskne” and how to avoid it

The continued use of the mask as a protection measure against COVID-19 has generated, among other things, a new skin health problem.
What is “maskne” and how to avoid it
The continued use of the mask as a protection measure against COVID-19 has generated, among other things, a new skin health problem.
Our commitment to the environment
At Institute BCN we are very aware of the imperative need to take care of our environment to avoid aggravating the environmental problems that affect the planet.
We are in an exceptional situation, a moment of great uncertainty due to the health crisis caused by the spread of the COVID-19 disease
How to remove eye bags, dark circles and emotional wrinkles
The skin around the eye area is one of the most delicate in the body. Keep in mind that it is about 10 times thinner than the skin of the rest of the face
A revolutionary treatment for hair loss
BCN Capillum-Peptides by Institute BCN is a sterile solution that combines three groups of active ingredients for the treatment of alopecia.
Lipolysis with Phosphatidylcholine and Deoxycholate. Which indications and what to expect
In the context of the Institute BCN's participation in the 5 Continent Congress in Barcelona, Dr. Sylvie Lederlé will give a talk on lipolysis with PPC and DOC
Sun protection after an aesthetic treatment
With the arrival of summer, we become more aware of the importance of protecting ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun on our skin. There are circumstances in which it is even more essential, if possible, to protect ourselves from the sun. One of them is the performance of aesthetic treatments that make our skin more vulnerable than usual to the harmful effects of the sun.
How to deal with bruises and oedema after aesthetic treatments
Some invasive medical-aesthetic treatments such as fillers, mesotherapy, botox injection, stretch wires, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty or liposuction, among many others, can cause temporary bruising, redness and edema in the areas undergoing these procedures
How to recover the skin after microneedling in less than an hour
After microneedling, skin is often irritated, dry, rough and red. The application of BCN Heal after the treatment makes these reactions disappear in less than an hour.
Phosphatidylcholine | Information and treatments
Dr. Jean Portrat talks about phosphatidylcholine and shows us two examples of treatment with this product.
Discover the application methods of our Mesoceuticals®
Today we bring you a video in which our medical advisor Clara Serés explains the main methods of application of the Institute BCN’s Mesoceuticals®
Before/After female alopecia treatment
Today we bring you a download: the case report of a hair loss treatment applied to a 42-year-old patient with an incipient manifestation of androgenic alopecia.
Female alopecia: causes and treatments
Our medical adviser Clara Serés tells us the main causes of female alopecia and the possible treatments to fight it. In our next post, we will share a success story.
9th 5 Continent-Congress is here!
The 5CC has established itself as one of the top aesthetic meetings in the world, and has grown significantly in the past few years. Institute BCN will be there at booth #10.
Discover new treatment areas with microneedling
In addition to the usual treatments, microneedling allows us to treat body areas that are often forgotten, but which can bring great improvements in the general appearance of patients. We will see a couple of examples.
Biomimetic peptides for aesthetic treatments
Peptides are small proteins that are naturally present in the body to ensure its proper functioning. Thanks to scientific advances peptides have been synthesized artificially to apply them in skin and hair treatments, achieving spectacular results.
How to treat the eye contour?
Today we are talking about one of the most delicate areas of the body: the eye area. The thin layer of skin around the eyes is one of the most vulnerable of the body. The average thickness of this layer of the dermis is five times thinner than in the rest of the face (which is five times finer than the skin of the body).
Meso Pen vs Meso Roller
Microneedling is a technique increasingly used for its many benefits. What device is better to apply it? In this post, we bring you information about the Meso Pen and the Meso Roller, two good options for microneedling.
Before/After whitening & anti-ageing treatment
We present the evolution of a 66-year-old patient with deep wrinkles, photo-aging grade 3-4, very marked bar code, dry, flaccid skin and loss of volume.
How are the Mesoceuticals?
They allow medical-aesthetic treatments on demand for each patient. The Mesoceuticals by Institute BCN are many things. Find the most important ones below.
Everything you need to know about skin treatment with chemical peels
Today we bring you a post about chemical peels; we hope to clarify some of the most frequent doubts about one of the most versatile and non-invasive medical-aesthetic treatments.
Frequently asked questions on microneedling
This post will try to clarify some of the most frequent doubts about microneedling that you conveyed to us by mail, phone calls and trainings.