Rutin & Melilot Extract

Toning Solution

This ingenious mixture combines melilot extract with rutin, a bioflavonoid also known as vitamin P.

The blend of two active ingredients reduces both the fragility and permeability of blood vessels by means of vasoconstriction. Rutin & Melilot Extract Toning Solution prevents vitamin C from being destroyed in the body due to oxidation, while simultaneously combating collagen loss. It is also used to improve local circulation.




Toning Solution

The beneficial effects of the mixture of the active in- gredients of Rutin & Meliot Extract are centered on the lymphatic and venous levels, essential for every cellulite treatment.

Rutin is a phenolic antioxidant and has been demonstra- ted to scavenge superoxide radicals. Rutin has antioxi- dant, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, antithrombo- tic, cytoprotective and vasoprotective activities.

This active sustance has significant efficacy in diminis- hing the venous edema which is an early sign of chronic venous disease of the leg. It helps strengthen capillaries, protects against some toxins and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Melilot can help to treat varicose veins and reduce the risk of phlebitis and thrombosis. Melilot contains couma- rins, which is converted to dicoumarol, a powerful anti- coagulant. It reduces inflammation and swelling and has wound healing properties.

Rutin & Melilot Extract
Ampoule  |  2 ml  |   mg  |  0.07 fl.oz   |  Box of 10 ampoules  |  Mesotherapy and microneedling serumSerum
Anti-cellulite serum smoothes orange skin.
Apply on clean and dry body skin and massage until complete absorption.
Aqua/Water, Troxerutin, Coumarin.
Allergy to one of the components.