Anti-Oxidant Solution

This BCN Classics line preparation, within the range of Mesoceuticals®,
is essentially a solution of taurine: an amino acid derived from cysteine,
which is vital in keratin synthesis and promotes the nutrients circulation to
the hair, facilitating the passage of sodium, potassium and magnesium
ions into the cells. It focuses in hair bulbs, where the hair is born,
preventing its deformation, prolonging its life and stimulating its growth.
Taurine, applied on the scalp, reinforces hair mass and provides shine
and volume to the hair, which grows thicker, healthier and stronger. It also
reduces excessive fall.
In addition, as a sulfur amino acid, it possesses strongly antioxidant
and detoxifying properties. Applied on the skin, it acts as a revitalizing,
especially on tired and aged skin, as well as on smokers skin or those
exposed to contaminants.




Hair loss

Anti-Oxidant Solution

Taurine is the only known natural sulfonic acid. It is called a sulfonic acid because it contains sulfur, but it does not belong to the group of 20 proteinogenic amino acids or structural protein generators.
Institute BCN Taurine acts on two levels: the scalp and the skin. Its efficacy as a reinforcer of capillary mass and against hair loss has been fully proven, as well as its antioxidant properties, which revitalize the skin due to the neutralization of free radicals. It is indicated to limit hair loss, as well as to revitalize tired, aged skin and those that have been exposed to pollutants, tobacco smoke and UV rays.
Process of hair loss occurs on the hair follicle in response to chronic inflammation. This inflammation triggers fibrosis, a degenerative process that progressively decreases circulation. When it happens, the chances that the hair bulb is defended against harmful substances or agents that could be a
source of baldness are reduced. And this causes the follicle to be miniaturized and filled with scar tissue. On one hand, taurine inhibits fibrosis of the hair follicle, which prevents hair from becoming thinner, weaker and more brittle, ultimately stopping hair loss. On the other hand, stimulates blood microcirculation, favoring the arrival of nutrients to the hair and facilitating the passage of sodium, potassium and magnesium ions to the cells, for the maintenance of their functions.
In addition, taurine, as a derivative of methionine and cysteine, stimulates both the formation of keratin, important structural protein of the skin, hair and nails, and the synthesis of collagen, with consequent benefits to the skin, such as elasticity. It is involved in the homeostasis of keratocyte volume and dermal hydration and shows a positive influence on glycogen glycation and shrinkage. Also promotes collagenogenesis by increasing hydroxyproline dermal concentration. As a sulfur compound, it has antioxidant properties, which assists the body in detoxification processes. Taurine slows down the ageing process by protecting cell membranes from damage induced by UV radiation and free radicals and also protects the dermis and the dermoepidermal
junction by limiting the degradation and inflammation of the epidermis.

Ampoule  |  2 ml  |   mg  |  0.07 fl.oz   |  Box of 10 ampoules  |  Mesotherapy and microneedling serumSerum
Anti-oxidant and detox solution with protective action over DNA. It is an important solution with keratin synthetisation and basic for hair loss treatments.
Apply on clean and dry skin and massage until complete absorption.
Aqua/Water, Taurine, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide.
Allergy to one of the components.