BCN Shield

prebiotic day cream

BCN Shield is a non-greasy daily use smooth emulsion formulated with a combination of prebiotics and 48-hour moisturising active ingredients that protects against external aggressors and restores the skin’s well-being and balance by increasing its tolerance threshold and facilitating its recovery.






Post aesthetic treatment

prebiotic day cream

Day cream that deeply moisturises, regenerates and protects all skin types, especially sensitive skin or skin that has become sensitised by medical-aesthetic processes, facilitating its recovery.

From the first application the skin appears calmer, more tolerant and ready to face everyday life.

The complete formulation of BCN SHIELD cream helps:

by virtue of its complete prebiotic action:

  • rebalances and maintains the microbial populations within the natural and optimal ratio of healthy skin.
  • boosts the skin’s immune response
  • powerful capacity for cell renewal, skin barrier repair and healing.
  • revitalises and strengthens the skin

by virtue of its hyaluronic acid content, sugars and natural moisturising factors:

  • prevents skin dryness and provide a long-lasting feeling of comfort
  • double short- and long-term moisturising action that lasts up to 72 hours.

by virtue of its aloe vera and α-bisabolol content:

  • hydrating, calming and antioxidant effect.

by virtue of its avenanthramide D content:

  • relieves itching, discomfort and the redness of sensitive or sensitised skin.

by virtue of its chia oil content:

  • reconstitutes the barrier function, restores the water balance and reinforces the skin’s natural defence system
  • improves skin elasticity, firmness and texture.

by virtue of its α-Bisabolol content: in addition to the aforementioned anti-inflammatory, soothing and antioxidant effect,

  • depigmenting effect
  • antimicrobial action
  • improved topical absorption of the formulation

by virtue of its UVA, UVB and IR sun filters and blue light protection complex:

  • provides a protective shield against daily external aggressors, preventing the appearance of blemishes, protecting the integrity of the skin and minimising the effects of premature ageing.
BCN Shield
Airless  |  50 ml NET WT. |  1.69 fl.oz. |   pH
Non-greasy melting emulsion for daily use, formulated with a combination of prebiotics and 48-hour moisturising ingredients, to protect against external attacks and restore the skin's well-being and balance, increasing its tolerance threshold.
Apply a small amount to the face until completely absorbed.