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Electroporation Device | transdermal delivery system

Electroporation Device | transdermal delivery system

Mesolux™ PHOTO-ELECTROPORATION SYSTEM is a non-invasive transepidermal introduction of actives by electroporation which includes phototherapy.

Electroporation technology lies in the controlled application of high-voltage electrical pulses. These pulses temporary open pores in the lipid bi-layers of cell membranes by increasing the permeability and creates gap channels in the intercellular space.

Mesolux™ facilitates the introduction of active ingredients through the transepidermal and adnexal route, crossing the stratum corneum and the walls of the pilosebaceous ducts and sweat glands.

Specific benefits:

Mesolux™ Photo-Electroporation System

Phototherapy with a 633nm wavelength turns out to be the most effective for stimulating skin cells and activating the cascade of processes necessary for the restructuring of the collagen matrix, cell reactivation and fibroblasts.

It produces vasodilation and microcirculatory reactivation, improving the absorption and diffusion of the active ingredient introduced by electroporation, thus increasing the effects of the treatment. In this way, the combined use of both treatments acts in synergy, enhancing the effect of both.

The equipment has state-of-the-art microcontrollers designed to generate the optimal pulse and frequency for each type of treatment (facial – hair – body).

Acne Option

There are also applicators with 420nm phototherapy to combat the bacterium Propionbacterium acnes (P. acnes) implicated in the etiology of acne.

There are innumerable treatments that the Mesolux™ system allows to perform due to its different application electrodes. It has technology suitable for facial, hair and body treatments.

It is a suitable equipment to combat: wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, flaccidity, cellulite, seborrhea, alopecia, localized adiposity, breast firming, among others.