BCN Peels


Bottle | Chemical peeling

Bottle | Chemical peeling

This glycolic is a peel composed of an alpha hydroxy acid, a highly concentrated chemical exfoliant.

Specific benefits:

BCN GLYCOLIC 50 is indicated to treat photoaging, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, as well as acne-prone skin, seborrhea and melanosis.

Its main action is superficial exfoliation with a depth that goes from the granular layer of the epidermis to the papillary dermis. It removes the epidermis without necrosis, causing the renewal of the outermost layer of the skin and the closing of the pores.

Treatments :

Glycolic Acid is the hydroxide that penetrates the skin faster in deeper layers. It is an excellent exfoliator that removes the epidermis without necrosis.


Glycolic Acid 50% | pH 1,3 – 2,3

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Bottle | 50ml | 1.69 fl.oz.

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Chemoexfoliant based on 50% glycolic acid for the treatment of dyskeratosis, hyperkeratosis, acne, seborrhea and melanosis.

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Carefully follow the instructions for use described in the information leaflet.

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Glycolic acid 50% pH 1.3 - 2.3.

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This product is for exclusive use of medical specialists in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery; specialists in medical-surgical dermatology and venereology, and of graduates in medicine and surgery with specific postgraduate training in aesthetics.