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Antioxidant Solution

Vial | Antioxidant Solution

Glutathione 100 is an antioxidant solution that protects cells during aging by acting as an antioxidant and, at the same time, as a detoxifying agent.

Specific benefits:

Glutathione 100 is a revitalizing serum for tired skin with signs of aging. Glutathione’s ability to inhibit melanin synthesis makes it an essential component in melasma and depigmentation treatments.


Glutathione is an active principle that plays an important role in nutrition and the regulation of certain cellular events such as gene expression; protein and DNA synthesis and repair; the immune response, the metabolism of toxins and carcinogens; the stimulation of the immune system, and the prevention of the oxidation of fats.


Aqua/Water, Glutathione, Sodium Chloride.

vial 2

Vial | 5ml | mg | 0.176 fl.oz | Box of 5 vials | Serum

claim 2

Revitalizing serum for tired skin with signs of aging.

instrucciones 3

Apply to clean, dry skin on the face and/or body, gently massage until completely absorbed.

ingredientes 2

Aqua/Water, Glutathione, Sodium Chloride.

avisos 2

Allergy to any of the ingredients.